Hay House World Summit 2015

Join us for the Hay House World Summit 2015

With the advice and processes of many leading Hay House authors and speakers, this event is sure to inspire you and help you achieve what we all desire -- a joyous and meaningful life.

Participants in past summits shared how their relationships improved, and expressed how they were able to take on new careers because of the motivational and informative action steps they learned.  They also shared that they were able to overcome health challenges and illnesses because of the new studies and findings shared by our experts.  

And we want you to have the same success!  This year, there's even an Action Plan eBook included to help solidify the lessons in your own life so you can follow through on the changes that matter most to you.  There are also free audio lessons from world-renowned experts!

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Vibrant Living

Listen to Sharon on Vibrant Living with CarlaListen here or click on the image below.

Lily Dale and Sharon Klingler on the Opra Winfrey Network.

Recently on OWN, a long segment on the Beyond Belief show (episode titled The Other Side) was devoted to Lily Dale and to the people who go there to find solace and make connections to their deceased loved ones. A number of mediums, including Sharon Anne Klingler, were featured giving messages at the outdoor services. Then the people who received those messages were interviewed — most of whom were very comforted and happy with what they received from the spirit world.


Lilydale Assembly HallIf you'd like to see segments of this show, go to the Oprah Winfrey Network site on your computer and look for Beyond Belief, The Other Side. The mediums did a great job and Lily Dale looks beautiful as always. It will leave you wishing for summer and for the Lily Dale season!