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Lily Dale Assembly - 2016 Season


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Welcome To Lily Dale Assembly!


2016 Season Begins June 24





August 4 - August 5,   9:30 -4:30

Sharon Klingler


The past and the future are always with us in the present. Karmic lessons and relationships impact the present and converge with our future plans and purposes. Learning to perceive past life information and apply it to present conditions is a good beginning in giving readings. But your clients and friends also seek to understand what lies before them – their future opportunities, unseen alternatives, and the relationships yet to come. In this workshop you can learn specific techniques that make the past relevant and the future clear in your readings for yourself and others.

EXCELLENCE IN MEDIUMSHIP - Reaching The Top of Your Practice Intensive

Lisa Williams and Sharon Anne Klingler

August 15 - August 19


In this exciting weeklong intensive for advanced students, Lisa and Sharon will share techniques that help bring you to the top of your game in all of your work with spirit. Learn two distinct styles of mediumship in an atmosphere that both supports you and pushes you to new heights in spirit communication. This highly experiential workshop will include:




This is a 3-day event that covers the weekend (4 individual events).  You can register for the entire weekend, or on a single-day/event basis.  It includes:  A Night With Spirit: Messages From the Other Side; Working with Your Angels to Manifest Love, Success, Power and Joy; Journey to Your Past Lives; and Calling All Spirit Guides - Building Your Spirit Dream Team.

Sandra Taylor & Sharon Klingler
August 26 - August 28


A Night with Spirit: Messages From the Other Side

In this exciting event your spirit guides and their messages will be coming to you, for you, and all around you! Unlock the mysteries of sensing and knowing the presence of spirit in this exciting and moving trip to the other side!

Sandra Taylor & Sharon Klingler

August 26 @ 7:00 pm -10:00 pm


Working with Your Angels to Manifest Love, Success, Power, and Joy


Your angels are a greater source of power and assistance than most people realize – and even fewer utilize. You can build a daily rapport with these radiant and ubiquitous being who stand at the ready to help you in every way.

Sandra Taylor & Sharon Klingler

August 27 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Journey To Your Past Lives


Presents patterns concerning love, money, and health can be traced back to past-life experiences, and you can learn how to clear the past, shift the present, and redirect your future in surprising and unexpected ways. Discover how to use your past-life history to create an exquisite future!

Sandra Taylor & Sharon Klingler
August 27 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Calling All Spirit Guides - Building Your Spirit Dream Team


Discover the mechanics of spirit communication and learn the finer points of perceiving spirit and speaking their language. Practice the methods that help you create a direct link to your guides – and to all the spirits at every level – so that you can receive their guidance, their energy, and support every day!
 Sandra Taylor & Sharon Klingler

August 28 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Join Sharon Anne Klingler at Fellowships of the Spirit

on the shores of the Cassadaga Lakes in Lily Dale, New York...

Your Highest Psychic Sense!

Your highest forces are available to you every moment of every day. You can bring greater energy to simple tasks, or you can open an expansive vision of things yet to come. Learn the easy steps to harness an unbelievable force and precognitive power. When you do, you’ll find breathtaking potential at every turn.
Webinar - September 3-4, 2016
Early registration $295 until August 26
Late registration $325 after August 26
Last day to register online September 1.