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Unlocking the Mysteries of Real Power & Akashic Records

Unlocking the Mysteries of Real Power & Akashic Records

Saturday, July 19
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Lakeside Assembly Hall
10 Cleveland Ave Lily Dale NY 14752

The inner power that lives deep inside each and every one of us seems to be elusive at times – especially in the work-a-day world where we often need it most. But there are methods that you can use to bring a lightning force and to your whole life! This workshop includes:

    Achieving the greatest wisdom and insight from the Akashic records;
    Integration of personal power and soul power;
    Promnesia: seeing what you are to become;
    Power Words: using precise words for remarkable results;
    Methods in elevating vibration, purpose, energy, and awareness;
    Techniques to trigger power in every area of your life;
    Power light – utilizing the force of illumination for specific purposes;
    Living between heaven and earth – the portal to power;
    Lightning and Fire – inner energy currents you can use every day.

So, come and discover the awesome formula that combines power words, light, and actions to create extraordinary energy and phenomenal outcomes in your life!
Contact Lily Dale Assembly to register (716-595-8721)


The Radiance Factor; July 14th

Mark your calendars for July 14th!
Sharon Anne Klingler is invited to join Michelle Phillips from "Radiance Factor".
Show time is scheduled at 8:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. EST.
Follow this link at show time


Evidential Mediumship - Practice, Power, And Performance: Lily Dale, NY

Sharon Anne Klingler
August 18 - August 22
Lakeside Assembly Hall

Mon. & Fri. 9:30am-4:30pm, Tue. Wed. Thurs. 9:30am-7:30pm

In this week-long intensive you will learn techniques to perceive and identify spirit so sharply and clearly that their presence becomes immediately self-evident to everyone there – to you, to your private clients, and to the whole audience at public demonstrations. You will discover new techniques in opening to spirit, commanding the spirit experience, and in extending messages more precisely for public work and more deeply for your private clients. This workshop includes:

Monday: Collecting the Evidence   

    *  Building evidence based skills;
    *  The power of dynamic evidence – Moving from the general to the precise;
    *  Embodying spirit: Using the whole body to identify spirit;
    *  Fast evidence distinction – Practicing immediateship.

Tuesday: Lighting Up the Front – Dynamic Demonstration Skills

   *  Cascade of spirits – Speed linking;
   *  Removing fear and lifting vibration through the chakras;
   *  Acting the evidence for the audience;
   *  Precise messages in moments;
   *  Public mediumship communication skills.

Wednesday: Power Words for Powerful Mediumship

    *  Commanding the experience of spirit;
    *  Programming immediate perception;
    *  Chakra commands to open to spirit;
    *  Now you see it! External cues and messages.

Thursday: Private Mediumship: Working with Clients One-on-one

   *   The extended symbol – Going deeper with your clients;
   *   Private readings: form and function;
   *   The Life Scan process;
   *   Pulling from public to private: building spontaneity and immediacy;
   *   Private practice trouble-shooting.

Friday: Spiritual Business Is Still Business

   *  Guidelines for growing your mediumship and spiritual practice;
   *  Teaching mediumship and running groups;
   *  Branding and marketing using Aquarian Forces;
   *  Spiritual business trouble-shooting;
   *  Delphic Advice: goodness at every level.

This workshop is meant for advanced students, and coaching will occur throughout the week. Students will have the option to practice at the 5:30 Inspiration Stump service Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday if they choose. This will immediately be followed by a critiquing session. There will also be Q & A trouble-shooting periods throughout the week to allow class members to focus on their personal mediumship goals. So, come and join us for this exciting week of new techniques and remarkable mediumship!

Last Day for online registration: August 14, 2014.

Words and Wonder in Spirit Communication -- New Methods in Working with your Guides

Words and Wonder in Spirit Communication --
New Methods in Working with your Guides

Saturday, September 20, 2014
9 AM to 4 PM               

Being held at:
The Conte Lubrano Building #2,
130 Lubrano Drive, Community Room
Annapolis, MD 21401

Register at meetup.com/serenityguides

In this workshop Sharon will share exciting new techniques that help you experience dramatic and spontaneous communication in all you do with spirit.  Discover specific words that allow you to open to spirit immediately and learn to build a vocabulary that takes spirit’s messages to a new level.  Provocative new methods will help you open a deeply layered experience of spirit and their guidance.  This workshop includes:

    Caller I.D. — the first link in spirit evidence

    Commanding Power Words to receive messages from spirit

    Retraining doubt out

    Color and energy attunement in the perception of spirit

    Exercise to stimulate spontaneous right brain perceptions

    Directed and non-directed messaging

    Spirit linking through the elements

    Using Word Power to tap the presence and energy of your own spirit

    Clarifying your objectives with spirit.

    Words of light — illuminating your path everyday

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Messages From Beyond, Annapolis, MD

Messages from Beyond!
with International Medium & Author
Sharon Anne Klingler

Hosted by Serenity Guides
The Conte Lubrano Building #2
Community Room
130 Lubrano Dr.
Annapolis, MD  21401

Friday, September 19, 2014
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
$35 per person

Come and make the spirit connection!  Let your guides and loved ones in spirit bring you their insights through Sharon’s dynamic clairvoyance and guided imagery processes.  You will be amazed at how profoundly you can feel the presence of spirit as Sharon shares their messages for many audience members and teaches you how to connect with your spirit guides for yourself!

“If you like John Edward, you’ll love Sharon Klingler!”
Nancy K., NYC

“I could feel spirit all around me!”  - Nancy E., New York City


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